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Agile Payments Blog


What does a successful Credit Card Payment Integration look like?

We like to look at any Platform Payment Integration in 3 phases:

1-Before the integration work begins

2-Actual integration

3-After the integration

Before any technical work begins there should be a conversation around the following:

  • What are the goals of the platform and what role will payments play?
  • Will payments be a customer acquisition vehicle?Credit Card Payment Integration
  • Do you absolutely have to have instant onboarding? Will payments revenue be a primary source of platform income?
  • What is your payments understanding?
  • Revenue share is understood
  • Is the difference between credit card and ACH processing understood and the reconciliation implications?
  • Credit card decline mitigation strategies
  • Who is your ideal client and what implications might that have on your integration?
  • What can be done in planning the integration that allows for self service, offers AutoPay sign up prompts etc

There are more questions and a conversation is vital.

During the integration we make sure:

  • There is prompt tech support
  • You have sandbox access the provides rigorous testing capabilities
  • We are addressing all points raised in the before process
  • We have thoroughly tested all payment methods and reconciliation

After the integration:

  • What are we doing to maximize platform user adoption of the new payment solution? You may create a fantastic solution but if no one is using you don’t make money and they don’t get value. We work with you to maximize both platform and end user adoption
  • Is your client onboarding process simple and easy? You don’t want frustrated users that want payments to have to jump through approval hoops or spend time inputting confusing credentials
  • Do we have prompt, efficient support when payment questions arise?
  • Is your revenue stream growing and can we improve?

There are more considerations but this should give a good idea of what your Credit Card Payment Integration experience should and will look like in working with