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A 2023 guide to providing your application a PCI secure payments solution where you never touch sensitive data.

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Providing a secure payment solution for a website

While best practices dictate that your application’s payment page be SSL secure, using our online/ website payments tool means your application never is at risk of data theft. However, consumers are trained to look for https on a payment page. Using the javascript modal payment utility eliminates any possibility of your application being breached for payment data theft.


Payment data is submitted through our payment gateway to our transaction system and returns your application a reference token that can be used in subsequent transactions, calling the transaction engine which uses the originally submitted sensitive payment data. The website payments solution’s button uses an HTML form POST action with a signature to create the .js modal window. Users click the button with coded parameters on the client side, our servers read the parameters and populate data to the modal. The JavaScript includes a name-spaced version of jQuery that doesn’t conflict with any client side code.


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Website Solution Integration | Website Solution Gateway

Easily integrated with just a few lines of code, this online/website payment tool provides you with:

  • Up to date consumer data: Data fields can be updated by consumers to insure your information is always correct.
  • Wallet Storage: Your consumers and their payment data is stored to make subsequent transactions fast and simple.
  • Customizable form fields: You have complete control over fields displayed, mandatory of optional.
  • Payment vehicles: Both Credit Cards and eChecks can be used.
  • Granular amounts: Your organization can specify non-editable payment amounts or a dollar range for the consumers to pay.
  • Resides on-site: Your customers never leave your site to a third party application/url.
  • Browser compatibility with current version plus last two most recent of:
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Safari
    • Internet Explorer
  • Deposit Reconciliation for both credit card transactions and ACH transactions is easily accomplished via our Payments Deposit Reconciliation Report.

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