Pay by Text Virtual Terminal

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Pay by Text Virtual Terminal

There is simply no better way to reach a consumer today than with their cell phone. Open rates exceed 95% 

Whether you need to collect payments in a touch free manner, looking to boost collection rate or just want a simple, powerful invoicing tool for text and email invoicing, our Pay by Text Virtual Terminal has you covered.


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Pay by Text Virtual Terminal

 Using a Pay by Text Virtual Terminal you are able to accept credit and debit cards as well as ACH transactions. There is support for convenience fees enabling a no cost payment collection tool.

Communicate with customers using a Virtual Terminal with 2-Way Texting. Generate invoices and securely collect payment via text or email. Benefits and features:

  • Offers 2-way text communication for appointment reminders, invoice collection etc
  • Unlimited users with detailed reporting/reconciliation tools. Hierarchy support for multiple locations
  • HIPPA and PCI compliant
  • Templates can be created for more efficient communications
  • Send attachments by text, eg copy of the invoice
  • Upload contact lists
  • Generate campaigns to text contact lists
  • Automate response texts based on keywords in customer’s text
  • Send batch or one-time texts
  • Pay by credit card, debit card or ACH.
  • Pay with card on file
  • Ability to authorize payments throughout the day and then in batch mode capture all the payments. If you accounting is centralized or payment responsibility is ona  supervisor this solution provides additional checks and balances
  • Convenience fees supported for a no cost payment solution
  • Text customers with payment reminders, appointment setting and more
  • Low cost: 2.9% and 30 cents for cards | .50 per ACH

Businesses and especially those looking to collect payments struggle with the relatively low success rate of mailing or calling customers.

With 98% open rates, 95% read rates it’s easy to see why SMS Payment Solutions such an attractive customer billing option.

The challenge for most businesses is HOW do you use pay by text messaging?

There are solutions that would enable you to upload a csv or Excel file to a solution provider. This would then kick off texts that essentially let the customer know payment is due and provide a link to click and pay.

And though this will certainly be an improvement on calling or mailing there is a lack of personalization and instant interaction between the business and the customer.

The Pay by Text Virtual Terminal solves these issues



A customer service representative can log into a secure website. This website has a dashboard that allows for simple navigation and is your control center for originating texts and 2-way communication. 

*Image shows — medical billing solution using Pay by Text Virtual Terminal

This secure, PCI and HIPPA compliant website is the SMS Virtual Terminal. Businesses can enable unlimited users with the ability to limit permissions as well as view reporting based on user.

From there you are able to create an invoice text or email. This can be done by manually entering customer details or the businesses customer base (or a subset) can be uploaded and then looked up to improve efficiency.

Pay by Text Virtual Terminal


The customer receives the text and can then interact with the cs rep via text. The representative can take advantage of templates that address FAQ’s as well as attach an invoice or other document.

The customer can click on a link to be taken to a secure page with the businesses branding and contact information. The texts are delivered to the customer from a local phone # that if called redirects the customer to the business*.

*Note that this is not common in Pay by Text Virtual Terminal Payment Solutions

If the customer has already paid the businesses using the Virtual Terminal system they can simply respond “yes” to “Do you want to pay by your card on file?” message. There is no need to enter a credit card number or bank information.

As an example consider a medical practice using an SMS Virtual Terminal. The patient arrives and while still in their car can text the office notifying their arrival. A representative can interact, address pre-office needs AND collect a co-pay. All with no face to face contact.

In fact one of our clients with 30 locations uses the solution to collect copays without face to face credit card exchange. Each morning they upload an Excel file with the day’s appointments. Patients receive a text asking them to confirm the appointment, answer Covid questions and take a copay payment.  Every location is able to view payment status.

This solution has transformed the way patients interact with staff and has significantly reduced potential Covid exposure as well a marked improvement in both copay collection rates and payment related work load. 

A big problem facing many businesses is late payments collection. Your business could establish a late payment collection strategy whereby if payments were 3 days late (any rule can be used) an automated text could go out to a list of those customers.

The text or email includes a link to a secure page with your business logo and information. The customer can make payment by card or ACH and receive a receipt. If they have questions they  can interact with your representative and have any questions addressed. If they choose to call, that call is forwarded to the phone number that you specify in your account set-up.

A very important part of collecting payments is reconciliation. If you were part of a multi-location medical group with centralized billing and collections, the ability to recognize revenue to the appropriate location is very important. So much so that without a way to do this the convenience of the new SMS Virtual Terminal payment collection tool is mitigated by the extra accounting work.

Our Pay by Text Virtual Terminal offers the ability to establish hierarchies. Once the cs rep is in Virtual Terminal they can simply choose which location the payment should be recorded to.

From there you can do live payment lookups as well as creating and downloading csv reconciliation files.

Typical costs for leveraging the Pay by Text Virtual Terminal are primarily based on payment collection fees. An example would be 2.9% and 30 cents. 

You can assess convenience fees as well. The customer would pay the payment processing fee and you could potentially employ the solution at zero cost. Contact us today for more information.