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Payment Integration Solutions for Software Application Partners

Payment Facilitation Solutions for SaaS

Now offering Managed Payment Facilitation

Our integrated payment solutions are tailored to your application.

You provide the use cases; we provide the payment solutions and integration tools. Complex processing configurations are our specialty.

ACH and Canadian EFT

Single solution for ACH and Canadian EFT. Set up recurring payment for funds originating in both the US and Canada, seamlessly

Payment Gateway

Super fast, PCI compliant platform for credit card, ACH/EFT, anti-fraud and risk-mitigation tools

Credit Card Processing

Build a credit card processing solution for both US and Canadian transactions. Fast, agile, smart: Accept nearly anywhere, anytime.

Anti-Fraud Tools

Agile solutions to help you mitigate risk. API integration tool with parameters to build solutions including identity verification and live check verification.

Recurring Payments

API integration tool with parameters that allow developers to schedule & forget about recurring transactions and reports each time one has been scheduled.

Credit Card Aggregation

Ready to become a PSP /PayFac? Let us consult you on the pros and cons of underwriting your own credit card portfolio!

Bill Presentment

We provide the web based API for consumers to look up bills and make remittance.

Credit Card Decline Management

Find out if you and your application are in danger of losing hard-won client users due to massive credit card decline rates.

Virtual Terminal

With a virtual terminal, you're open all the time with a branded, secure and reliable terminal.

We speak your language, whatever that language is.

We’ve been in this industry for a long time, and in that time, we’ve learned what developers need to get their job done. Our APIs’ parameters give you the freedom to create the integrated payment solutions you need for your project. Everything about Agile is, well, agile. We’ve got the strength of a powerful number of years of experience combined with the flexibility of APIs that are created with developers in mind. If you’re looking for solutions for Payment API, Credit Card Integration, Recurring Billing Integration or a Payment Gateway API, we want to talk with you! A free sandbox is waiting for you when you’re ready to get serious about meeting

Secure & Reliable

When you’re in the market for an electronic transaction solution, you want to know that your provider understands the importance of data security & reliability. We’re dead serious about data transmission and security.

Integrated Payment Solutions
Integrated Payment Solutions

Same Day Sandbox

When you’re ready to get serious about your transactional needs, you want to get your hands dirty and start solving problems. Welcome to the Agile Sandbox…

C-Suite Access

When you are ready to call us, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised to find that the person who answers the phone has 20 years of experience in this business and is ready to start a relationship with you.

Integrated Payment Solutions
Integrated Payment Solutions - Agile Solutions

Agile Solutions

We speak tech and provide everything a developer needs: a suite of APIs, code snippets, programs and agreements to fit the needs of our integration partners giving you the ability to build your own services while we remain behind the scenes.

Ready to get started?