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 8 Essential Tools for Crafting Engaging Employee Training Videos


Source: Animoto

A study undertaken among 4,500 office workers shows that 67% of people understand information better when communicated visually. This shows that creating videos for employee training is now a necessity to maximize the efficiency of communication. 

The challenge is that creating high-quality videos can easily cost you thousands of dollars if you want to hire a professional videographer and video editor. The good news is that there are tools you can use to create and edit professional-looking videos yourself even if you have never done it before. 

Most of the tools listed below have free versions you can test before you choose to invest in a paid subscription plan.

1) Synthesia

Source: synthesia

Synthesia is a widely used AI video generation platform. It is great software to create training videos for employees, students, or customers. You can use this software to turn your text documents into high-quality videos with AI avatars and voiceovers in over 120 languages.

Synthesia is trusted by over 50,000 leading companies including Johnson Johnson, Accenture, Reuters, pwc, and Xerox. It is great for teams that want to create training videos at scale. You can create videos for learning and development, sales enablement, customer service, information security, and marketing.

Synthesia has two main plans- Personal and Enterprise. The personal plan is $22.50 per month and you can choose between monthly or yearly payment plans. If the personal plan is not sufficient for your needs you can discuss with the sales team to create a custom Enterprise plan. The pricing of the enterprise plan is based on the number of team members for whom you want to purchase a seat. 

2) Happy scribe

Source: Happy scribe

Happy Scribe is an all-in-one platform that is great for transcriptions and subtitles. You can use an audio to text converter like Happy Scribe for accurate transcription of all types of videos or audio files. The subtitles service helps you automatically add captions to your video files. This software is trusted by over 100,000 users and teams of all sizes. Some notable users of Happy Scribe are Forbes, BBC, Spotify, United Nations, dpa, and RTE. 

The transcription and subtitles services support many popular languages like English, Arabic, Danish, French, Dutch, Filipino, Greek, German, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, Korean, Swedish, Spanish, and Polish. The platform also supports less popular languages like Afrikaans, Basque, Croatian, Galician, and Uzbek

Happy Scribe has a limited version that is free forever. To get more features you will need to purchase a subscription plan. There are the basic (from $10 per month), pro (from $17 per month), and business (from $29 per month) plans.

3) Panopto

This is another tool that can be used to empower learners with interactive videos. You can drive engagement, enhance knowledge retention and effectively measure learning outcomes with Panopto. This software is a robust tool that can help you perform multiple functions like video recording, editing, and live streaming. 

You can record screen or remote video presentations with rich multimedia elements like slides and quizzes. You can record live sessions, and video conferences, edit videos online, live stream videos, and secure videos in the cloud. The software provides seamless integrations with tools like Zoom, Teams, and Webex.

Thousands of leading brands and academic institutions rely on Panopto on a daily basis. Some notable users are Stanford University, Boston College, Spectrum Brands, Canon Medical, GATX, University of Arizona, Bankers Life, Epredia, and Encompass Health.

4) Hippo video

You can use the Hippo Video software to create personalized videos at scale to drive employee engagement. Apart from using this software to create employee training videos, you can use it to create great sales videos that drive conversions. With the help of Ai, you can generate 100s of personalized videos that are unique to individual recipients from a single video recording.

Utilize ready-made templates for fast video production or generate tailor-made videos by merging personalized intros with other pre-recorded video slides. Also, you can use Hippo Video to create video emails which are likely to retain the attention of the receiver more efficiently than text emails

Hippo Video is trusted by over 5,000 businesses and over 1.5 million users across the world. Some big brands that use Hippo Video are Amazon, Freshworks, British Airways, Panasonic, Crowd, and Genesys. There is a limited version that is free to use. For access to more features, you will need to purchase a paid subscription plan that starts at $20 per month per user.

5) Wondershare filmora

Filmora by Wondershare is another popular tool you can use to create outstanding employee training videos. You can add hundreds of editing effects, music, texts, and filters to control the speed of video narration. There is access to over 5 million stock media which you can use without any copyright infringement concerns.

You can edit on any platform as Filmora has desktop, pad, and mobile versions. Key editing features of the software are motion tracking, split screen, auto reframe, add text to video, avatar presentation, batch edit, speed ramping, and much more. Filmora is used by over 100 million users across over 150 regions and countries.

There are pricing plans for individuals, teams & businesses, and education. For individuals, the available plans are the Annual ($49.99 per year), Cross-platform ($59.99 per year), and Perpetual (one-time payment of $79.99) plans

6) Camtasia

Souce: Camtasia

Camtasia is software you can use to make a wide range of professional-looking training videos for your employees. You can create simple screen recordings or complex high-quality videos with this software. It can be used by both beginners and advanced professionals. 

You can choose from the available video templates, pre-built assets, and animations to create professional-looking and engaging employee training videos. To get started simply record your video with the software, then proceed to edit and enhance the recorded video to include subtitles, cool transitions, and other elements to produce a high-quality finished piece of video.

Apart from employee training videos, you can also create marketing content for both internal and external customers of your organization. You can utilize the interactive quizzes and other options for screen recording. You can upload your finished video to Vimeo, Youtube, or any other platform you choose.

7) ScreenPal (formerly Screencast-O-Matic)

ScreenPal is a screen capture tool you can use to create engaging employee training videos. You can capture your screen and then edit the video to add narration, subtitles, and personalization to fit your specific needs. Paid users have access to stock images, video clips, and music tracks that can be used without any copyright infringement issues.

It is easy to share your videos and screenshots on any platform you choose. Also, you can add custom thumbnails and customize the video player as you wish. ScreenPal is a popular software that has millions of users across 190 countries. It is trusted by Fortune 100 companies, school districts, and 98 out of the top 100 US universities. Over 100 million videos have been captured since 2006.

You can use ScreenPal for free but with limited features. To enjoy the full benefit of the software you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription plan (starts from $3 per month) which is quite affordable, to be honest.

8) Loom

Loom is a simple tool that is great for recording engaging employee training videos. You can record with the app or upload your external recording into the app for the purpose of editing or online sharing. It has cool editing features like filler word removal. 

It is very easy to create videos with Loom and you can share the link of your Loom videos with anyone online. Though you can not do a lot of video personalization with this software, it is very great for informal or quick employee training videos.

Final thoughts

It is important to upskill new and existing employees in order to maximize work efficiency. A very effective way to train employees is via video recordings. It is very easy to pass across messages via video when compared to other communication methods like text and audio. 

Without the right tools and platforms, creating professional-looking videos can be a hectic process, especially for beginners that are not trained video editors. With the advent of technology and AI, we now have many video recording and editing tools that you can use to create amazing videos even if you have never done it before. 

To prevent you from searching for the best tools, we have listed eight essential tools you can start using today. 

Author’s Bio: Mercy Adewumi

Mercy is a professional B2B and SaaS writer that specializes in crafting advanced-level content that is engaging, fun, and appeals to top-level executives. She is a resilient, self-motivated, and result-driven person with the proven ability to create high-quality content related to Business, Saas Tech, and the Financial Markets. She believes that SEO is the best digital marketing medium ideal for long-term growth. When she is not writing, she is creating strategies for business growth.