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It’s a new year and 2017 is bound to bring more surprises than any of us could imagine. The goal is not to take you down an exhaustive road of enumeration, but to reexamine the SaaS sales themes we should be focusing on in 2017. The bad thing about information surge is that good ideas and plans can get buried. Keep your focus on what is important.

For Increased SaaS Sales, Focus on Customer Acquisition

saas salesCustomer acquisition will always be important for successful SaaS sales. First, stay sharp with calculating the customer acquisition cost and lifetime value for each customer.

It’s a simple approach. Calculate sales and marketing expenses for any given period and divide by the number of customers signed up. Of course, calculating the lifetime value (LTV) of a customer can be a bit trickier. Your software model comes into play. If your product is perpetual-license based, the customer has access to it for a lifetime.

Technical support is also included in the deal. Access monthly annual payments to determine profits from the customer’s lifetime expectation.

What will the gross margin be for associating with the relationship?

Always Look for Ways to Reduce Customer Churn

You should always focus on how to convert new customers into active users. Always educating customers is the key. Keep them informed about your product. Also, encourage them to continue with their service plan once they’re on board.

Offering continued customer value is the name of the game. Your customers should realize the value of your product or service at all times. And it’s up to you to find new ways to get that message across.

Customers need to know what they bought. Make sure they don’t lose interest in your service.

Churn is always a direct result of customer dissatisfaction. Customers can lose interest if they’re confused on how to use your product or service.  They must be able to see its benefits immediately.  If not, you may squander your chances of securing a permanent customer.

Customers also need to understand how the product will benefit them.  Otherwise, they’ll slip into a state of buyer’s remorse. This is where customers can cancel within a week or two.

People usually do not like to admit they don’t have a complete grasp on things. Improving value doesn’t always mean adding new features. Improve on an existing product instead.

Customers can also leave because your competition may have better incentives. This can be in the form of a money-back guarantee, lower prices, or better values.

Make sure your ach integration provider is experienced with good reviews. A customer that has payment issues month after month will be more likely to leave.

What’s Keeping Your Customers Awake at Night?

Surveys are more important than you may think. Draft a survey where customers can offer feedback. Make it easy for them. Take the feedback to heart and develop a plan to address their concerns immediately.

 The Benefits of Adding Personality to Your Sales Content

Content is important. Try skipping the boring content and add flavor by injecting your brand’s attitude into the content. People get tired of reading the same thing over and over. Make your content stand out, but keep it professional.  

Storytelling at its Best 

Incorporate triggers that can relate to a customer’s life. Your job is to transform the customer’s everyday experiences in ways they can relate. Help the customer to understand your expertise by sharing examples of how you have solved problems.

People will always interact with other people. They can feel another person’s pain points. Make sure your storytelling is about someone or something they can relate to.

Boring content won’t get read. Share something personal with your customers or a positive story about an employee.

Tell stories of new products from the perspective of someone using, or who will use your product.

Some companies don’t mind telling stories about the unsung heroes at their company. Or about their dedication to customer satisfaction. But, you should tell this story in a positive way.

Customers may wonder why your company has “unsung” heroes. So, approach the story with an understanding that everyone is appreciated.

What Does Your SaaS Audience Need? 

Your goal will always be to appeal to the audience’s needs and then to deliver on a promise. You must give your audience a story they will listen to. And the story should offer a personal benefit.

So, to really understand what your SaaS audience needs, you need to develop a plan. And the plan goes beyond just knowing your own product.

Knowing Your SaaS Customer’s Wants and Needs

You might even say that being “obsessed” about knowing your customers is the “right” attitude. Consider what today’s SaaS customer is likely doing to safeguard their own chances of business success.

Conduct Research

80% or more of people who shop conduct their research online before buying anything. Today’s consumer has access to more information than ever before. They are taking the time to do their homework. They want to know if the product they are about to buy is worth their time and money.

Customers also look for reviews where they can get an honest, outside, perspective from other customers. If you’re not posting reviews on your site, you should be.

Keep in mind that customers want to hear about your entire brand and not just your product. They’re concerned about how your company treats other SaaS customers too. Be ready to give them the information they need.

Customers Demand Quality

And, why shouldn’t they?  A product that’s high-quality will always beat one that just adds more features. Quality can also include exceptional service benefits.

Can you solve a customer’s software problems within hours, or will it take several days? High quality will always be a win-win situation for everyone involved. Also, if customers receive what they desire and expect, you can always find ways to adjust prices.

The reason is people are always willing to pay a premium for exceptional quality service.

Quality is also attainable when the company’s entire team is on the same page. The team must always be aware of how their actions will affect and impact customers.

Don’t keep your customers waiting. If you don’t take care of their questions and concerns quickly, they may find another vendor.

Customers Demand Speed

They, like you, are in business, and they don’t want to wait until tomorrow for a solution. In fact, customers expect speed to be a small amenity. They’re used to using communication tools that move at the speed of light.

It may also ring true that many of today’s customers grew up using email, Web chat, and their cell phone to conduct business. So, there are many customers who place face-to-face communications further down on the list.

Speed is essential, and if you think that it’s a downfall, you may be at variance with what customers want. Get back to your customers and handle any concerns immediately.

Customers Prefer Consistency

You’ll hear this a thousand times more, but trust is the foundation of all relationships. This means providing the same level of branding across all your marketing resources offline and online. Consistent branding allows customers to recognize your company anywhere. Their recognition will transfer into solid, brand loyalty.

Customers expect the same experience whether talking with a company sales rep or shopping online. Consistency helps customers to nail down exactly who you are. Your marketing and SaaS sales efforts should all be on the same page.

Customers Now Look for a Novel Experience

SaaS sales marketingBoring won’t cut it. They’re looking for an experience they can share with their network. Adding novelty can spark customers to pay much closer attention to your brand.

Because customers all like and want new experiences, keep presenting new things. And above all, think of ways to make them feel good about their purchase.

Methodical buyers always check as much technical information as possible. They’re likely to shop around as well.

Getting into Your Customer’s Mind 

Understanding how your customers make decisions can give you the inside track to successful SaaS sales marketing.  This is likely a reminder, but we all know how easy it is to forget the basics. When the smoke clears, several basic questions should remain.

What problems are you trying to solve for customers?

After all, your SaaS is a solution to their problem. The whole goal of being in business is to reduce customer challenges and problems.

  • What are their objections, if any, and how are you responding to them?
  • Every consumer, who’s considering buying your service, has an implicit or explicit objection. Find out what these objects are, overcome them, and you’ll come out a winner. “Buyer modality” refers to figuring out the type of customer you’re dealing with.
  • Methodical buyers always check as much technical information as possible. They’re likely to shop around as well. Providing concise and relevant information impresses this type of buyer.
  • Competitive buyers look to perform in a smart way. They view decisive actions as staying ahead of the competition.
  • Humanistic buyers are those motivated by emotion. They seek to understand more about a product and organization before making a buying decision. They want to know as much about the company’s brand as possible.
  • Spontaneous buyers are looking for a quick buy, along with the perceived benefits they hope to experience.

SaaS sales marketing success is cracking the code. Not everyone in the business will be able to do it. If you’re on top of your game—you’ll stay out in front of the competition.