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Today’s consumer expects service easily and instantly, with practically 80% of consumers expecting national brand service leves from their local service provider counterparts. Pay by Text solutions, or Short messaging service (SMS) solutions, are a great way for your Utility Company to offer a simple, effective customer service option.

Despite the convenience of online payments, more than half of utility customers claim to prefer making a payment without logging into a system. Likewise, more than ¾ of general consumers have claimed to make at least one payment per month via the phone. SMS Payments For Utility Companies allow businesses to accept payments via cell phone, and text customers with payment reminders.

SMS Payment Solutions boast an impressive 98% open rate and 95% read rates, meaning Utility companies that don’t adopt SMS Payments are missing out on a huge paperless payment channel. Any business dealing with late payment collection should consider a pay via text message solution. 

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What are the Benefits of an SMS Payments Solution?

For the Business:

  • The merchant can accept payments from any of the billions of mobile phones capable of texting worldwide.
  • Easy to use & Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Motivate more customers to go paperless.
  • Instantly access a powerful payment tool with your customer’s cell phone number (information most likely on file).
  • Merchants can receive payments from customers without a bank account or credit card.
  • Customers that would have otherwise not been reached.
  • Can build upon customer loyalty through:
    • SMS marketing messages
    • Discounts
    • Coupons

For the Customers:

  • SMS Payments are quick and easy to use.
  • After the initial setup, there is no need to have a payment method on hand – it is already saved in our secure environment.
  • It is secure, as no personal details or account details are released, and customers will no longer be divulging sensitive information over the phone.
  • Text payment reminders are efficient and simply retrieved.
  • No longer have to keep track of invoices sent via snail mail.
  • The purchaser doesn’t have to enter their credit card or bank details, or even have a bank account.
  • Customers don’t need to remember any passwords or usernames like sites such as PayPal. Payments by text are very simple for customers.