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A Pay by Text Virtual Terminal offers medical offices the ability to communicate with patients in a non face to face environment. 2-Way messaging means your office personnel can text patients and interact using their computer screen ( Virtual Terminal) like their cell phone. 

  • Text your customers with payment reminders, appointment setting as well as pre-visit check-in needs
  • Accept payment via the cell phone in both a PCI and HIPPA compliant manner.. 

Medical offices looking to collect payments struggle with the relatively low success rate of mailing or calling customers.

Text messaging offers 98% open rates and  98% read rates so it’s easy to see why Text Payment Solutions using a Virtual Terminal such an attractive customer billing option.

The challenge for many small businesses is HOW do you use pay text messaging?

The Pay by Text Virtual Terminal solves this problem.

Pay by Text Virtual Terminal

An office rep is able to log into a secure website. This website offers a dashboard with simple navigation and and becomes the control center for originating texts and 2-way communications. 

This website is the Pay by Text Virtual Terminal. The medical office can have unlimited users and control permission.

An invoice can be easily created and texted to the patient. This can either be accomplished manually entering customer details or calling a customer database. 

Customer info can easily be uploaded via csv files.The customer receives the text and if they choose, interact with the cs rep by texting. The employee can easily leverage take advantage of templates that address FAQ’s.

The patient could then click on a link and land on a secure page with the businesses branding and contact information. Texts are delivered to the customer from a local phone # that if called redirects the customer to the business phone #.

*Note that this is not common in SMS Virtual Terminal Payment Solutions

An extremely important part of collecting payments is reconciliation. Consider a multi-location medical group with centralized billing and collections. Having the ability to reconcile revenue to the correct location is crucial. SOur Pay by Text Virtual Terminal offers the ability to establish hierarchies. Once the cs rep is in Virtual Terminal they can simply choose which location the payment should be recorded to.

Typical costs for leveraging the Pay by text Virtual Terminal are primarily based on payment collection fees. An example would be 2.9% and 30 cents. 

Convenience fees may be assessed as well. The customer would pay the payment processing fee and you can employ the solution at zero cost.