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There are many top SaaS bloggers that are making an impact. They’re smart, informed, and they have a handle on the SaaS market. There are varying forecasts estimating the size of the SaaS market. One thing everyone believes is that SaaS markets are going to expand in 2017.

It only makes sense as more businesses become comfortable with software offerings via the cloud.

IDC research believes the market will surpass $112 billion by 2019. Gartner’s forecast for 2016 was $37.7 billion. Transparency Market Research believes the SaaS market will reach $164 billion by 2022.

There are a lot of things happening with SaaS today. We can be thankful that some talented bloggers are keeping their eyes on market trends.

Here’s a list of Top SaaS bloggers we follow to stay on top of SaaS news for our ach integration business. They live in the states and from other places around the world. They make it their business to understand the world of SaaS.

If you’re looking to grow your business, or start a company, you should get to know these people. They have a lot to say—and they say it well. They analyze trends, help companies increase sales, use data-driven techniques, and much more.

Alan Silvestri

Alan Ross

Alan is the founder of Growth Gorilla and his focus is on SEO for SaaS organizations. 

Growth Gorilla Blog 

Our favorite post by Alan: Should I focus on building a more comprehensive website, or a blog with content that isn’t necessarily 100% product focused?

Alex Chaidaroglou

He hails out of the United Kingdom and works in B2B marketing with a specialty in SaaS. He’s an experienced blogger who built and grew his own blogs early on in his career. This is a guy who loves discussing marketing, business growth, and SaaS culture.

Alex’s LinkedIn Profile

Alex’s Blog Posts

Our Favorite Alex Chaidaroglou Post

Aaron Ross

Aaron is moving a few mounds of earth with his new book: He’s in the business of helping B2B businesses speed up their growth. Some companies have tripled their results under his watch. He’s Stanford-educated and lives in Los Angeles.

Keep your eye on Aaron.

Aaron’s LinkedIn Profile

Aaron’s Blog Posts

Our Favorite Aaron Ross Post

Max Altschuler

Max is all about helping businesses ramp-up revenue. He’ll host a workshop anywhere he can set up shop. He also enjoys keynoting conferences across the world. He prides himself in being able to work from anywhere.

His goal is to be a force in helping the next generation of B2B tech companies build efficient sales processes. He works with veterans’ programs to help train veterans in the art of B2B sales. This helps them get them get hired at tech companies.

Max’s LinkedIn Profile

Max’s Blog Posts

Our Favorite Max Altschuler Post

Steli Efti

Steli calls the Bay Area home and holds workshops on SaaS.

Steli’s LinkedIn Profile:

Steli’s Blog Posts: 

Our Favorite Steli Efti Post:

Robert Allen

Robert is moving the needle by writing for the Smart Insights blog. It just happens to be the second largest business blog in the UK. He has written hundreds of posts and articles on marketing trends and strategies. At present, his blog has a reach of over 12 million page views per year.

Readers love his timely business insights and advice. He’s responsible for his company’s new site feature “Hot in Digital.” Here, members can stay on top of the latest industry trends and developments.

Robert’s LinkedIn Profile

Robert’s Posts

Our Favorite Robert Allen Post

David Skok

David is a serial entrepreneur who has already founded four companies. He also has a turn-around under his belt. He currently serves on the boards of Atomist, Digium, and Salsify.

When startups look for advice and direction, they can turn to his blogs. They cover topics like viral marketing, SaaS metrics, lowering the cost of business acquisitions. You can also find how to build a better sales and marketing machine. He’s a product of the University of Sussex, England.

David’s LinkedIn Profile

David’s Blog Posts

Our Favorite David Skok Post

Sharon Hurley Hall

Sharon brings her background in journalism to the forefront and is a skilled writer. You can depend on her ability to research and write in ways that will allow you to hit your business goals. She interviews company insiders and writes case studies.

She writes articles that find their way into corporate newsletters. Sharon writes her share of blog content as well. Her work helps companies to grow their brand. She reaches readers with relevant and engaging information.

She also has a reputation for writing on tech topics that most writers won’t touch. Call it her geek side, but when her journalism side and tech side connect, great writing emerges. Some of her favorite topics include SEO, social media, and conversion optimization.

Sharon’s LinkedIn Profile

Sharon’s Blog Posts

Our Favorite Sharon Hurley Hall Post

Andrew Nguyen

Andrew believes the world is a better place because of solid written content. He believes content should be able to prove itself by generating revenue and increasing leads. He loves effective writing, marketing spreadsheets, and killer content that moves the needle. His specialties include lead-gen, B2B content marketing, web content strategy, and sales support.

Andrew’s LinkedIn Profile

Andrew’s Blog Posts

Our Favorite Andrew Nguyen Post

Mike Wolfe

Mike brings a lot experience to play on B2B. He has over five years of experience in planning and executing marketing campaigns for an SaaS provider. He’s skilled with marketing platforms like Pardot and HubSpot. Also, he has as a great deal of experience creating and sharing SEO inbound marketing content. This includes tips, case studies, blog articles, and whitepapers.

Mike’s LinkedIn Profile

Mike’s Blog Posts

Our Favorite Mike Wolfe Post

Trevor Hatfield

Trevor covers topics on inbound marketing, Web development, SaaS marketing, and content marketing. He also focuses on UX and UI design, and data analysis. As you can see, he’s got his hands in a lot of fires. When you have expert knowledge in so many areas, you can make an impact across the entire spectrum.

He’s based out of Houston.

His company is up on the latest solutions to help companies expand their marketing reach. If your company is looking to align marketing and sales goals, this is the guy to study.

His team turns things around in the right direction for any company. He looks like he’s getting the job done too.

Trevor’s LinkedIn Profile

Trevor’s Blog Posts

Our Favorite Trevor Hatfield Post

Shane Baker

Shane places focus on start-up businesses. He also is all about business consulting, social media, digital and Internet marketing. As well as SEO, lead-gen, and business development.

Shane’s LinkedIn Profile

Our Favorite Shane Baker Post

Lucas Hamon

Lucas believes his purpose in life is to help businesses grow. He has years of experience in B2B sales: 15 in fact. He’s sold everything from socks to telescopes, so he’s not afraid to get in front of people and pitch a product.

Lucas’ LinkedIn Profile

Lucas’ Blog Posts

Our Favorite Lucas Hamon Post

Dimitry Davydov

David can boast about having founded the world’s first risk-free naming service called He has created Bitrix24, which happens to be the fastest growing social Intranet around.

Check this guy out. He’s on the move and has a lot to say and share. He’s multi-talented and enjoys cooking and spending time with his family and dog.

Dimitry’s LinkedIn Profile

Dimitry’s Blog Posts

Our Favorite Dimitry Davydov Post

Disha Dinesh

Disha is a content marketing professional operating out of India. Her field of interest is biotechnology. Expect her to emerge on the scene and master an area of discipline that few people dare touch.

Disha’s LinkedIn Profile

Disha’s Blog Posts

Our Favorite Disha Dinesh Post

What is SaaS, Anyway?

SaaS is a type of cloud computing that lets you store an unlimited amount of data online. You can access this data from any device that has an Internet connection. The provider stores your data and not your own device or computer.

There are many benefits to cloud computer. Such as not having data destroyed by any man-made disasters. This also means zero loss of productivity.

Businesses are using SaaS to keep critical data under lock and key. They no longer have to worry about purchasing software. Thus, companies can focus on making a profit.

SaaS is also a distribution model where a third-party provides host applications needed by businesses.

Helping businesses understand emerging SaaS trends and products are what these top SaaS bloggers are about. They don’t just explain what’s emerging. These bloggers can impart knowledge about how to use the technology to your advantage.

They can also share knowledge about how to grow your customer base and how to hold on to loyal customers.

Like anything in life, it pays to stay out in the front of emerging trends. So, it’s important to find a blogger that suits your informational needs.

Get to know them. Read their material, lectures, books, and white papers. Learn all you can about the industry and grow your company by leaps and bounds.