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The Future of Laravel Development in 2022 & Coming Years

When it comes to web development, there are a variety of options out there. From languages to frameworks, the developers have a myriad of options just waiting to be picked. However, what matters the most for developers while choosing a framework for web development is the performance. 

So, they look for basic factors like functionality, security, documentation, support, and product environment. Thankfully, Laravel provides them with bundles of benefits with respect to all these factors. That is why the popularity of Laravel is growing among developers, especially in the year 2022. 

If you are wondering what the use cases of the Laravel framework are, here is a list:

  • SaaS-based applications 
  • Website performance monitoring apps 
  • On-demand streaming web apps 
  • Multilingual Content Management Systems (CMS) 

The Benefits of Laravel 

Laravel is one of the most popular and high-performing PHP frameworks out there. It is known for making code beautiful and abolishing the pain of web development. 

Besides the presence of its counterparts like Yii, Symfony, Phalcon, etc. Laravel still stands strong in the competition, gaining popularity for its benefits. With the ease of coding and flexibility of development, this MVC-based framework is way ahead in the game. Let is now look at its benefits:

  • Fast and Easy Development Process 

Laravel functions on a modular basis, easing the common demanding tasks of programming. With pre-built structures and functions, Laravel development companies can work with respect to the updated PHP principles for building responsive web apps. 

The feature of Laravel called Laracasts helps the developers get free and premium tutorials. With the help of these tutorials, the developers get the much needed assistance to overcome the hurdles they face while coding. Laracasts has content and tutorials created by industry experts and professionals. So, it is extremely helpful and makes the development process faster. 

Besides, as Laravel is an open-source framework, it comes with community support. With this benefit, Laravel helps you achieve a faster time-to-market as the development process gets much faster. 

This feature of Laravel will help companies get mobile and web applications in no time in 2022 and future.



The digital markets are swamped with cyber attacks and you never know when your online property gets compromised. However, Laravel ensures the development of web apps that are completely secure. 

It offers security features like CSRF tokens, Authentication, Password Hashing, Encryption, protection against SQL injection, cookies protection, etc. With so many features that ensure the security of your web app, you don’t have to worry about cyberattacks at all.

As we move towards digital developments at a fast pace, cybercrimes are on a rise too. So, the future demands more secure apps, which can be given by Laravel.

  • Cost-effective  

As we discussed, Laravel is an open-source framework and is free of cost. So, for businesses looking for a cost-effective application development process, Laravel is the best bet. 

With minimal framework costs, developers and businesses can focus on other crucial development or post-development steps that may need the funding. So, it lifts a burden from the pockets of businesses or individuals who are looking for high-performing applications. 

The Distinct Qualities of Laravel

Besides the benefits, Laravel also has some distinct qualities that help with its popularity. Here, we will discuss some of these qualities:

  • Supported MVC Architecture 

Laravel has an MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture and comes with support for the same. Its architecture is one of the biggest reasons why Laravel is one of the most celebrated PHP frameworks. While many frameworks do not have this feature, Laravel comes with in-built MVC design in its core. 

So, when you develop your applications using Laravel, it will help you improve the overall execution. Besides, it also helps improve the documentation and provide the developers with loads of functionalities. 

With MVC support and architecture, you can create websites and apps that are both aesthetic as well as simple. As of 2022, when users are highly picky about UI and UX, such web apps and websites are in great demand. 

  • Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapper)

2022 is the year of advancement and old technologies no longer fascinate users. Thankfully, Laravel stands the test of time with technologies like ORM. 

ORM is a type of software which represents data in the form of objects, making it easy for the developers to handle database records. It works as a layer of abstraction for a database engine which stores the data of an application. 

Eloquent is the default ORM that comes with the Laravel framework. It helps the developers interact with the database tables of the app. It also helps provide an object-oriented approach to update, insert, or delete the database. With Eloquent ORM, you can also execute complicated SQL queries with the help of a streamlined interface. 

  • Easy Testing 

Developers often need to make changes at the backend to tweak the web interface of their apps. However, these changes might lead to issues which appear within the app. In 2022, as we seek faster development processes, there is no time for developers to be stuck in a rut of making and fixing errors. 


Laravel resolves this issue by predicting the failure of such changes. It executes tests to check whether the changes made by the developer would cause an issue. Laravel makes sure that the changes do not turn out to be a bug causing the web app to break down. Thus, it carries out automated testing and keeps your apps bug-free. 

You can also run unit-testing codes with Laravel. 

  • Localization of the Apps 

2022 and the upcoming years are progressing towards more versatility and consumer satisfaction. Making your website multilingual is one of doing it. 

With the localization feature, Laravel allows the developers to retrieve strings in different languages. It allows you to easily localize your website or application and provide multilingual support. With easy-to-use features, the developers can manage the translation strings without much hassle. 

This feature is very beneficial for businesses or individuals who have their audience scattered in different regions. So, if you have such a requirement, Laravel is the perfect match for you. 

  • Artisan Console 

A command line interface, the Artisan Console comes included with Laravel. It helps the developers by providing them numerous commands allowing them to build the apps with ease. For the developers, Artisan makes job management easy, helping them increase their productivity. So, unlike before, Laravel is making the coding and development process less demanding in 2022.

The Artisan Console provides a well-structured coding style, helping the developers complete lengthy projects worry-free. 

The Future of Laravel 

With so many benefits and distinctive features, the future looks bright for Laravel. The number of websites using Laravel at the moment is 140,886, which is constantly on a rise. The framework has seen rapid growth in recent years and will surely see the same in the future. While it is at the top in the list of PHP frameworks, Laravel will soon be one of the most-used development technologies around the world.