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PCI IVR Payment Solution: PCI Compliant Interactive Voice Response for Inbound Customer Payments

An IVR Payment Solution offers businesses a method for customers call into a dedicated phone number and connect to an automated IVR system that can interact with the caller, allowing them to pay invoice or billing amounts due without the need for human interaction from the business side.

It is very important that the business knows and insists that  their IVR Solutionpci ivr solution be PCI compliant. By not handling sensitive credit card and ACH Payment data the business owner is subject to fines and may be liable for financial loss. Your IVR partner should be able to document that the PCI IVR Solution is fully compliant. You can find a list of all PCI compliant vendors here.

Interactive Voice Response Payment Solutions never takes time off; it’s always working for your organization, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. IVR transactions enable your business to streamline operations and offer more customer IVR Pay options.

IVR Transaction — Payments 24/7

Agile Payments has a  PCI Compliant IVR Transaction solution that can be set for stand-alone, dedicated toll free numbers or a phone number that can be routed to from a prompt within your phone tree prompts. Payments are validated by touch tone and payment options include credit card and eCheck (ACH payments).  A caller chooses either credit card or ACH and are then prompted to enter card data or bank account routing and account number data.

Your business can accept Interactive Voice Response (IVR) payments using a customizable IVR platform to suit your specific needs. When callers are connected with the IVR Payment system, they can be presented with pre-recorded scripts or custom scripts, depending on the organization’s requirements. There are currently more than 20 languages to choose from and enable for callers who speak different languages, should the organization have the need. PCI IVR Payment Software can be configured to meet all of your self service payment needs.

An PCI IVR Solution for Phone Payments  makes it easier for your customers to make payments and eliminate many man hours spent taking payments over the phone using traditional methods. Some of the benefits of PCI Compliant IVR Payments:

  • No staffing considerations for human involvement on the organization’s side.
  • PCI Compliant IVR Solution
  • The system is always on, every day of the year.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Self-service efficiency; no waiting on hold.
  • Greatly reduce organizational man hours.
  • Quick setup.

With Agile Payments’ PCI compliant interactive voice response (IVR) system, customer service time spent answering phone calls and entering transaction manually can be eliminated. Customers no longer

We don’t provide out of the box integration solutions for software application payment integration clients. Rather, every aspect of the factors that might be involved in the application’s requirements are examined, culminating in a proposed path for a successful payments integration.


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