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We are living in a world where customer data has become one of the most valuable sources for developing business strategies. No wonder bigger to smaller establishments have all become deeply invested in big data that can help them formulate marketing plans and tactics to better cater to their customer needs and wants.

In the wake of such demands, customer data and CRMs (customer relationship management) has become immensely viable. This has led to business experts finding effortless integrations between the two.

According to a recent study by Super Office, the CRM software market is the biggest in the world, with speculations to reach $80 billion in revenues by 2025.

Moreover, 91% of companies with more than 11 employees use CRM software and 50% of teams improving their productivity through the use of the mobile version of the software.

Furthermore, 81% of users are now accessing their CRM software from multiple devices, and 87% of businesses today are utilizing cloud-based CRM solutions. 

CRM & Customer Data 

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Nimble is a simple yet smart and easy to use CRM for Office 365 and G Suite Teams. It enables you to create auto-enriched contact profiles anywhere on the web, including popular social media platforms

Piesync, on the other hand, is a handy customer data syncing tool that enables you to keep customer data in-sync across multiple business apps. It allows you to save hours of manual data entry, plus no coding is required. 

Hence it is quite evident that both Nimble and Piesync are made for each other. While Nimble can give you the ability to gather customer data across multiple platforms and channels, Piesync empowers you to keep all of that data in sync.

Thus your staff observes richer user experiences that are backed with profound customer data, which provides deeper insights across various channels.   

Nimble & Piesync Integration 

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Users of Nimble can sync up to 2000 contacts for free and authorize Nimble in Piesync. All you need to do is grant access. Simply sign in to Nimble and authorize the default app to access your account. 

However, if you already have an authorized Nimble account in the past in any other Piesync integration, you can simply skip this step. 

Instead, you can choose from your connected accounts. At present, you can sync Nimble contacts two-way with more than 250 other apps.

Two-sync allows for your customer data to sync continuously between both apps, whereas one-way sync only allows you to make changes in a single app and then see it directly reflected in another. 

Furthermore, Piesync also offers you personalized rules in the form of “IF/THEN” conditions, allowing you to choose where each contact and their information goes.

Furthermore, Piesync also allows you to sync custom fields. Apart from syncing your clients, partners, and vendors, Piesync can tackle leads in CRMs such as Nimble.    

Some Prominent Examples 

While the list of apps that can be synched continues to grow, here are some prominent examples:

  • Google Contacts

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Google Contacts is an easy-to-use and free contact management tool that allows you to organize your contacts in a simple interface with fields and segmentation. Furthermore, it already has native integrations enabled with other Google products such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. 

With Piesync, you can keep your customer data in sync with two-ways and real-time processing of new entries along with historic data. Not only are your contacts are kept in sync automatically, but you also do not need to worry about them once your configuration is all set up.  

  • Mailchimp

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When it comes to the marketing automation market, Mailchimp is considered the gold standard and one of the most powerful and versatile tools. You can easily build targeted campaigns with Mailchimp and achieve complex automation workflows along with newsletters, landing pages, and much more. 

When you add Piesync into the mix, businesses can save a lot of time and cost by keeping track of their customers and various other stakeholders with literally no maintenance required.

This serves directly to improve your data integrity along with data entry more efficient. Students opting for thesis writing services UK may use this to run their own communication channel for all academic group members involved in a co-curricular club.  

  • Microsoft Exchange

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With Nimble integrations with your Microsoft Exchange, you can view detailed customer profiles through a single view enabling you to know your customer in person. Plus, with Exchange Online, you can access business email, calendar, and contacts on your device choice, including PC, smartphone, or a web browser. 

Furthermore, you are able to maintain complete control over your environment with the additional advantage of hosting your email on Microsoft servers. At Master Thesis, this impressive integration allows running powerful email campaigns for a wide variety of clients and customers.

  • Shopify

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Shopify is a renowned e-commerce platform that allows anyone to easily sell their products online, including retail location and everywhere in between.

With a professional online storefront along with payment solutions such as credit cards, Shopify is a powerful application to boost retail sales. Piesync for Shopify can take less than 5 minutes to configure. 

Together you can build your Shopify store by minimizing data errors and mistakes in data entries as well as achieve true customer information sync. Plus, if any changes are made to the system’s data, Piesync helps keep all the fields up to date.


These days companies and organizations are dealing with an immense amount of data that needs to be curated so that they can derive substantial insights to develop strategies and business plans. Using Nimble integrated with Piesync offers you a tremendous ability to gather customer data from numerous channels and platforms. 

Not only do companies save time on manual entries, but companies are also able to develop incredible strategies to grow their venture further by going through customer data collected from various sources and interactions. 

Author Bio 

Stella Lincoln currently works as an Assistant Editor at Crowd Writer and Dissertation Assistance UK. She is quite fond of indulging herself in pop culture, including anime, movies, music, and video games. During her free time, she likes to surf the internet for the latest developments in the world of tech.