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Since the rise of AI, it has had a massive impact on different industries, and as years progress, it will continue to have more significant influences in more industries. This technology can efficiently scan through a large database and use the data to generate insights from which actions can be taken. AI technology is very result-oriented. 

It has not just infiltrated in recent years but has revolutionized marketing, and we expect that this will continue. As email marketing is one of the best and most effective forms of marketing, it has benefitted a lot from the introduction of artificial intelligence. This has led to an already good form of marketing delivering better results. 

Here are the top 7 ways in which AI has changed email marketing. 

  • A/B Testing is better and faster 

A common tactic to test the effectiveness of emails is A/B testing. It isn’t a new tactic, and marketers have used it to assess their email campaign’s different variants to know which one works best. This relies on user behavior, technology intuition, and design as the basis of hypotheses to point out markers that the targets would resonate with. 

More permutation and combination is going on in today’s world, and it’s difficult to track the data and derive a conclusion. AI’s role is to use customer behavior to enhance the testing and choose the variant or campaign that works best with very high accuracy. 

  • Improved sending times

Personalization is a big deal for customers in today’s digital world. You stand the risk of being left out if your brand cannot deliver a personalized experience to your customers. Personalization is an effective way to gain and retain customers now. 

One way AI can help you personalize your email marketing is to determine the best time to send the email. Ideally, you want to ensure you send your email on the day and time that the respondents will open and read it. There are many factors to determining and getting this, and it is a time-consuming and complicated process, but not with AI. 

  • Effective subject lines 

According to authors at, an excellent and effective subject line would motivate the email recipient to open it. They are not likely to read the email if it has a dull subject line. AI makes it easy to create effective subject lines that will move the recipient to open and read the email. To increase email marketing conversion rates, you need to develop a good connection with the subscribers, and AI helps you achieve this. 

  • Intelligent segmentation 

Segmentation makes email more personalized and effective, but with AI, the effectiveness increases even more. As more companies invest in data management platforms for customers, it becomes easier for AI to get data points and connect the dots on customers. While there might be multiple responses and variables, AI can continue to readjust the segments to get better outcomes called ‘dynamic predictive segmentation.’

  • Effective promotions 

Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote and grow your brand. Promotions are of different types, and customers respond to them differently. You can predict the reaction of your audience to various brand promotions. Some might want free offers, and some want discounts. You can lose your customers if you keep sending them promotions that they aren’t interested in. With AI, you can easily measure each customer’s responses to determine their preference and send the corresponding emails. 

  • Email content 

You’re able to form instant connections with your customers with good email content. You have to be able to craft the content right to meet the customer’s expectations. It is straightforward for you to understand your customer’s needs with artificial intelligence and create contents that meet their needs to catch their attention. The best way to promote your brand’s story is to align with your customer’s needs. Stories inspire humans, and if you are able to create a connection with them through your story, they become attracted to your brand automatically.

  • Email frequency 

The frequency of your emails is an essential metric in your email marketing campaign. Some customers want to be continuously reminded of what your brand offers them, while some other customers don’t want to feel like you are choking them. 

You can use insights from AI to plan your email frequency well. It can be tricky because too much of it might turn the customers off, and when it’s too few, you might not be able to build the needed connections. Thankfully, you can plan your frequency strategy with AI for optimal effectiveness. 


AI has picked up a more prominent role in email marketing, and it can get only better from here. It has started to change email marketing as we know it, making it more effective as it helps with personalization, delivering the right content, making sure the timing and frequency of the email are right, etc. It is already playing a massive role, and no marketer should be left out. 


Author Bio 

John Peterson is a journalist with four years’ experience providing professional essay writing service and college essay papers at London magazine “Shop&buy.” He is a professional mini-tennis player, and he has written the novel, “His heart.” You can find him on FB.