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Do you find it challenging to grow your SaaS business?

Both the sales processes and strategies you use play a key role in your business’s ability to grow. Hence, without a plan in place, getting reliable growth can be challenging.

There are blogs on the internet that write about SaaS sales. However, only a handful of their strategies come with a sales process that allows you to get the best possible results.

In this post, we will walk you through some actionable tips that help you enhance your SaaS sales strategy:

Get Reviews for Your Product

The first tip that should come into mind is getting reviews for your product. When someone is searching for a solution to a problem they have, their first instinct is to Google it.

To ensure that your product is on top of the endless list of solutions, consider making your product reviews front-and-center. Doing so can impact your search engine optimization efforts.

The best way for you to do that is to work with higher ranking review sites, like G2 Crowd or Capterra. These platforms are where people usually head to when searching for solutions.

What’s cool about this tactic is that you can also drive traffic from these review sites to your SaaS website. Doing so can help enhance your online visibility.

Give Brief and Value-Focused Demos

One common mistake that many SaaS companies make is to give out incredibly drawn out demos to sell to their prospects. It’s vital not to create demos that look like some training session.

At VoyMedia Advertising Agency NYC, we always tell our customers that it’s all about creating sales. Your main goal is to focus on prospects and how you can position your products to offer solutions to their problems.

It’s not about showing every single thing that they can do with your software.

Remember, your goal is to show them how your software can help them achieve a specific endeavor. Most of your product features won’t even appeal to them initially.

Instead, you should focus on providing quality demos. Keep it to at least 15-20 minutes tops. Keep it short and sweet, rather than droning on for 30 minutes.

Pack it with value as well. It would be best if you showed them the benefits, rather than the features.

Leverage Social Media

After creating a unique SaaS product, the next thing that you need to do is creating a robust social media strategy.

How do you distinguish your marketing so that you can regularly interact with prospects and gain more customers?

Here is a list of strategies that SaaS should adapt:

  • Enhance credibility: Through social media, it’s a perfect platform to reveal more about your company. This includes putting the spotlight on your team and showcasing your company culture. You can also use social media to exhibit the causes that you support.
  • Create a community: Social media is all about engaging your users and audience. That’s because such platforms are a great tool to initiate two-way communication.
  • Captivate and retain: Sharing product tips and tricks and use cases allows you to establish your SaaS business as an industry expert. And when you’re able to position your brand as an expert, it will be easier for you to attract your target users.

Optimize Your Email Campaign

Unless you have a substantial email campaign, most of your prospects are going to forget your brand hours after they signed up on your trial.

To get the most out of your email campaign, here are some things that you ought to consider:

Utilize “human” email addresses. Don’t send emails coming from departments. Rather than using, use,

Send out emails that are activity-based. Your drip email campaign should automatically send emails to your leads. This includes welcome emails upon sign-up, visiting or canceling their account, or when a trial is about to end.

Never Close a Bad Deal

Do not sell to unqualified customers. While it might be tempting to close out an easy deal, the churn costs will outweigh the short term revenue you get.

The thing is, when you sell to an unqualified prospect, they will not be successful.

They will have many complaints and require a lot of support. These customers can also demoralize your team by providing negative feedback or start to spread bad online reviews.

Eventually, they will churn and blame your product for their failure.

Use Live Chat

Live chat is one of the best ways you can stand out from the rest of the pack. In a nutshell, this is a website service that lets you communicate on a 1-on-1 basis with your prospective customers.

Although the service has been around in the market for years, it is starting to showcase some improvements. That’s because you are using robot AIs to start up chats, and the technology itself is gradually improving.

Traditional Content Marketing

Another great tip when creating your SAAS sales strategy is to use the “traditional content marketing” technique.

Here, you’d get to explore things that you haven’t used before. This includes blog posts, articles, or collaborating with businesses and brands that will put you at the front and center.

Calling Trial Sign Ups

You’ve probably come across lots of software that offers you free software trials in the past. But how many times has that brand or company called you? Probably a few, or not as many.

So, rather than sending emails, why not give them a call and check if you can set up a demo or answer any questions that they might have.

Shorten Your Trial

Many SaaS companies feel that they should give out a month worth of trial to be more familiar with their products.

Their rationale is that the longer people will be using their products, the more they will learn about it. But that’s not always the case.

Your free trial rates can be well all over the place, and setting a benchmark for success can be quite challenging.

Most of this still depends on your product, market, and user’s expectations. That’s why you need to do a split test to know what will be the optimal trial length.

Don’t Give Discounts

While discounts are a great way to get prospects on board, it may cause you more harm than good.

That’s because they make predictable revenue almost impossible. When every customer pays a different price, it’s challenging to see what your income will look like for a certain period.

They’re also bad for branding.

So, you need to have a strict discount policy and stick with it. Apart from annual prepaid plans, we do recommend that you don’t give discounts at all.

Over to You

There is no denying that competition within the SaaS industry is fierce.

The industry itself is fast-paced. This means that you need to be quick in identifying trends and taking action, including following the tips:

  1. Get reviews for your product
  2. Give a brief and value-focus demos
  3. Leverage social media
  4. Optimize email campaign
  5. Never close a bad deal
  6. Use live chat
  7. Use traditional content marketing
  8. Call trial sign-ups
  9. Shorten your trial
  10. Don’t give discounts

Doing so will enable you to improve your SaaS business’s online visibility, generate leads, and convert them into paying users.