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Agile Payments Blog


IVR Phone Payments- 24/7/365 Automated Customer Payment Center

Callers interact with the IVR Payment System via touch tone or voice prompts, allowing them to make IVR phone payments due without the need for human interaction from the merchant organization side.

An IVR Phone Payment system makes it simple and efficient for your customers to make self manage bill payment and eliminate significant man hours involved in accepting payments over the phone using traditional methods. Some of the benefits of IVR Phone Payments:

  • No staffing organization’s side–Massive time and expense savings
  • The system is on 24/7/365
  • Increased Customer satisfaction from self service payment optionsivr phone payment
  • Self-service with no waiting on hold
  • Greatly reduced payment involved man hours
  • EZ setup
  • Multiple language support
  • PCI compliant and certified platform
  • Seamlessly integrated with our virtual terminal and API integrations.
  • Single platform for reporting of all credit card and ACH/eCheck payments.
  • Consumer convenience fees enablement to offset processing costs possible for many industries or organization types.
  • Reduced PCI scope when eliminating human interaction of accepting payments via phone.

With the Agile Payments interactive voice response (IVR) system, customer service time spent answering phone calls and entering transaction manually can be eliminated. Customers no longer have to wait on hold waiting for a customer service rep to answer, improving timely payments and providing better customer satisfaction.

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