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Bill Presentment and Payment

What you need to know about EBPP in 2019

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About EBPP

An Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment System offers businesses the ability for customers to obtain applicable bills/invoices and make payment via ACH and/or credit card. Electronic Bill presentment and Payment (EBPP) enables bills to be created, delivered, and paid via the Internet on computers and mobile devices. EBPP has applications for multiple industries, from utilities, insurance companies to any business looking to streamline operations and offer self service customer payment options.

Depending on the businesses electronic invoice presentment and payment solution needs, bills or invoices may be delivered to the customer by email with a link to make payment to that bill or in more sophisticated solutions teh customer can create an account where their invoices can be viewed, paid and an audit trail created.

The BillFind+Pay  electronic bill presentment and payment system provides companies and organizations a web based system that allows customers to lookup their payables by entering in account related data, e.g., Invoice Number, Account Number or other merchant definable fields. Billers upload Bill Definition files using sFTP that contain customer receivable information and direct their customers to the BillFind portal. Merchants can choose to accept Credit Cards, eChecks (ACH) or both as payment vehicles. BillFind+Pay differs from an electronic invoice that is generated and delivered to customers in that the customers lookup their bill themselves, and once located they make payment.

EBPP can work in concert with IVR, including outbound calls and SMS messaging. SMS messaging can prompt either a payment page that renders on a mobile device or, a reply to the SMS message can trigger an outbound IVR call. All of these capabilities work alongside the EBPP web rendered solution.


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Reduce Customer Service Load using BillFind+Pay

The bill presentment and payment system can be used in concert with the IVR Payment system. Both systems are designed to streamline the receivable process and reduce man hours bill-presentment-1required to process and originate receivables. Organizations and businesses that accept payments over the phone using customer service employees can find a huge reduction in man hours.


Loaded with Features

As you evaluate a bill presentment provider make sure you have the following available features:

  • Ordered Billing: Billers can require that their customers remit payment on a series of bills in a specific order. For example, due dates – the biller can require a customer to pay multiple bills in the order of date due, eliminating bills skipped over.
  • Multiple Payments: Customers can make payment on more than one bill at once.
  • Customized Billing Rules: A biller can define rules like Pay Entire Amount or Oldest Payment First.
  • PDF Invoice: Customize the bill presentment to include a PDF invoice that customers can download for their records.
  • Update Bill Definition Files whenever needed via secure FTP.
  • Customizable Receipts: Billers can setup automated email delivery of payment receipts using the dashboard notification system as well as print receipt function.
  • Customize the Customer search experience: Multiple fields can be employed to make the user experience easy for your customers to locate and pay their bills. The following fields can be used for search fields:
    • Customer ID
    • Customer Name
    • Unique Bill ID
    • Bill Number
    • Address
      • The above fields can be labeled to better match a billers nomenclature. For example, Invoice Number might be a better label than Bill Number.

The Bill Presentment and Payment system can be used with and existing merchant account. If you do not have an existing credit card merchant account, one can be provided. To use the system with eChecks, we must provide that portion of the processing account.

The Bill Presentment and Pay solution from Agile Payments utilizes a csv template for the purpose of populating the customer data in order for them to locate and remit payments for all outstanding invoices related to their account. Partial payments can be accommodated via a specific csv file template. Billing companies simply provide a menu item and url on their website which directs their customers to the hosted Bill Presentment and Payment site. Billing organizations have their choice as to what searchable fields are available. In some cases a billing company might only want to make available account number for locating an invoice. In other cases a billing company might want to make available name search, phone, email or more.


Bill Presentment and Payment Reporting

There are many available options for reporting of transaction originations, status, rejected items, settlements, deposits and future transactions:

  • Automated email delivery of daily originations and rejected transactions.
  • Reporting via a Virtual Terminal can be accessed by any member of the merchant organization who has been granted access and reporting permissions. Summary and detailed reports are downloadable in a number of formats:
    • XML
    • CSV
    • Web archive
    • XLS
    • Tiff
    • Docx
  • API: Organizations having development capabilities can opt to integrate their operational software for receiving reporting data, including using webhooks for near realtime transactional status. Both SOAP and RESTful API’s are available for reporting integration of the Bill Presentment solution.

Many businesses have a goal of reducing the cost of receivable payment acceptance. Providing a Bill Presentment and Payment solution is a good step in doing so. This solution can be implemented with absolutely no development programming. It just makes sense to provide as many technology channels as possible for merchant customers to locate and pay their invoices with zero involvement from the merchant organization’s customer service team. Moreover, customers get irritated if they call and have to wait for a customer service representative in order to make a payment. Happier customers lead to better retention.

In terms of security, the BillFind+Pay solution resides on a PCI level 1 certified platform. And let’s not forget the inherent risks with live customer service agents taking sensitive credit card or checking account data over the phone. Potential disgruntled employees are removed from the risk factor in handling credit card are ACH payments data.

All companies seek to satisfy their customers. Technology has brought great abilities to present  billing statements and methods to accept the associated payments. There are few companies who have yet to embrace these new payment acceptance technologies that have recently come about. Let’s get your organization on-board with some new tech – a Bill Presentment and Payment solution.

Contact us to discuss what Agile Payments can do for your organization for Bill Presentment and Invoice lookup. Agile Payments has been supplying organizations with payments related tools for 18+ years. As a  bill presentment provider we can help your business become more efficient and profitable. 


Case Study

A credit union expanded their loan offerings to their client base. While the expansion of the loan offerings was successful in bringing in new revenue, what the credit union didn’t plan for was the customer service headaches that were created from customers calling in to remit monthly payments. While there was the option of mailing in payments, many customers found it to be more convenient to simply call in to the customer service line. Moreover, calling becomes necessary when a payment is forgotten and the due date can’t be met by using the postal service.

The customer service team simply became overwhelmed with the amount of time spent on the phone originating payments via a virtual terminal. Agile Payments already being the ACH vendor for the credit union, was consulted with by the credit union’s management staff. Fortunately we had the solutions they needed to allow them to escape the customer service pain they were experiencing.

We set the credit union up with a hosted, self service bill presentment solution that works alongside an IVR solution. Credit union members can now simply go to the credit union’s website and find a Make Loan Paymentmenu item which allows the member to find their bill and remit payment. For those members who still call into the credit union, a new menu prompt was added to Make a Loan Payment, which transfers the member over to the Agile Payments provided IVR system. Customers have a variety of ways to find their amount due, such as enter loan amount.

The credit union also chose to employ a convenience fee to the members for the IVR and EBPP system use. After a few months of testing, it was found to be acceptable to their member base that chooses to use the EBPP and IVR systems. For those that might not find it acceptable, they still have the option of mailing in a check the old fashion way. Convenience fees have completely offset the use of these automated systems.


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