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What did the elephant say to the naked man? Hey, that’s cute but can you breathe through it? Silly right? Isn’t that how we all feel whenever a tech peddler asks us to demo one of their new online marketing tools?

Um, ok.

It’s cute, but does it work?

By that we, of course, mean:

online marketing tools for SaaS companiesIs that thing going to earn revenue for our business?

Why bother with using online marketing tools if they don’t create revenue? These tools will create revenue and make your life easier.

With all the tools on the market today, it’s getting tougher and tougher deciding on which of them to use or to toss aside.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share with you the 31 Saas online marketing tools being used to generate business.

Our staff and I had a meeting yesterday and compiled the list of SaaS online marketing tools you see below.

They are in no particular order, nor are we affiliated with them in any way other than the fact they are online marketing tools SaaS businesses use to grow their revenue. We know this because we specialize in providing payment integration service to Software as a Service providers.

I’m sharing them with you now in the hopes they’ll help you earn revenue in your marketing campaigns too.

Tool #1: Google Page Insights

Pricing: Free

We use this tool to make sure your website is user-friendly on desktop and mobile devices.

It’s put out by Google and free. So use it.

If something is out of whack with your site it will tell you the steps you need to take to fix them.

Tool #2: Responsive Web Design Testing Tool

Cost: Free

Wondering what your site looks like on mobile devices? If so this is one of the online marketing tools you want to use. Just enter your site address in and it will show you how your site displays across a variety of mobile devices.

It’s a great way for you to screenshot what your sites look like across several devices at once too.

Tool #3: Google Search Console

Pricing: Free

Why should you be using Google Console?

For starters it allows you to track your site’s performance on Google Search results.

So there’s that.

It also gives you an open line of communication with Google in the event they run into any issues on your site they don’t like.

Plus it helps you keep your site clean of spam and malware.

It reports which sites are linking to yours; which keywords searches are appearing in their search results; and whether your contact info, pricing, and events are showing up on rich search results.

So check it out for yourself and get it added to your toolbox.

Tool #4: Bing Webmaster Tools

Pricing: Free

Don’t forget Bing in your SEO campaign. They offer a robust set of tools you can use to boost your rankings on their search engine. Ignoring this tool would be a big mistake for that reason.

Tool #5: SEO Sitecheckup

Pricing: Free Trial

Packages Available Up to $79.95/mo

Many use this tool to get a quick read out on how healthy their site’s SEO is. Just enter your URL and press the Checkup button. The info you get back is valuable if you correct the issues it finds then keep rerunning the report after each tweak. By the time you’re finished with the process your SEO will be a lot healthier.

The Hemingway App is not only free online, but can help make sure you’re using readable content for your readers.

Tool #6: Hemingway App

Pricing: Online Version is Free

Desktop Version is one-time payment of $9.99

This is my favorite writing tool by far. Before I started using it I wrote at a ninth grade reading level.

This post is at a 4th grade reading level.

Why is that a good thing?

The easier you find my writing to read, the more you can and will read in one session.

It will begin tasting like Captain Crunch cereal to you after awhile too.

Just watch. 🙂

Tool #7: Ahrefs

Pricing: Free Trial

Packages Available Up to $399/mo

Plug your URL in and in no time flat you’ll get a complete report on which sites if any are linking to your own. Keeping track of this on a regular basis will help you curtail all kinds of bad search engine penalties.

Tool #8: Übersuggest

Pricing: Free

Don’t you love free SaaS online marketing tools that work great?

This bad boy falls into that category. Plug in your keyword phrase and it will instantly pull up dozens of variations of it for you to consider. It works great for finding long tail keywords for that reason.

Tool #9: Google Keyword Planner

Pricing: Free

You’re probably already are using this tool so I won’t go into too much on it other than to say we use it and like it. The fact that it’s free doesn’t hurt either.

Tool #10: Manage Flitter

Pricing: Limited Free Account Available

Packages Available Up to $49/mo

This is a wicked little tool I have personally been playing with for the last six months or so. Since I have my influence on Twitter has risen considerably. It also gives you a platform that allows you to post scheduled content on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Tool #11: TweetDeck

Pricing: Free

Have you ever followed an Influencer on Twitter just to see if you can get them to notice you and follow you back?

Well, we do!

Not for vanity purposes either.

When you get an Influencer in your industry to share your posts you’ll be shocked at how much traffic it can generate to your site.

The way we use TweetDeck is simple.

We add Influencers into a special list on our Twitter account. Then we set up TweetDeck to only display the posts of those Influencers.

That way we can focus our attention on retweeting and responding to their content.

Most of the time their content is awesome so it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Our followers get access to great content and the Influencers gain access to our followers. Plus we get big traffic numbers whenever we earn a share from them.

Make social media posting is quick and easy by using online marketing tools like Hootsuite.

Tool #12: Hootsuite

Pricing: Free Trial

Packages Available Starting At $9.99/mo

Out of all the SaaS online marketing tools listed on this post this is the one I have the least experience with. It gives you the ability to post content on almost all your social media accounts. Plus it does a lot more than just that. Check it out to learn more about it. I’m including it because we do use it just not that often.

Tool #13:

Pricing: Free Forever Account

Extra repins are available for small extra fee.

Looking for a way to get people to repin your pins on Pinterest? If so this a great tool that will help you do that.

Every little bit helps right?

Tool #14: BuzzSumo

Pricing: Free Trial

Packages Available Starting At $99/mo

If you have never used BuzzSumo before I urge you to rush over to their site and play with after you read the rest of this post.

We use this tool in three powerful ways.

First, we use it to find all the Influencers in any given niche. Not only does it find them for us it also provides a link to their Twitter pages so we can follow them.

When used with TweetDeck this strategy is effective.

We also use it to figure out what pieces of content are being shared the most for any given topic of interest. We then use that info to plan our own media production as well as our client’s.

Which makes coming up with good ideas for content a heck of a lot easier.

We also use this tool to search for content to share on our social media accounts. We love sharing other author’s quality content. Our followers like it too.

It’s amazing how much credibility you can gather just by sharing quality content regardless of whether you’re the originator of that content.

Talk about a triple edged sword!

Tool #15: IMDb

Pricing: Free

Having trouble coming up with a title and tagline for your post or article? Well, our team does too from time to time. What tool do we use to get unstuck when that happens?

IMDb of course.

You’re probably already been on the site a million times for fun looking up the actors in whatever flick you’re watching.

Betcha never used it for ideas on blog post titles, though.

Until now that is. 🙂

Make sure your website is optimized as well as the sites are that are already ranking for your keywords.

Tool #16: Expert SEO System

Pricing: $37 One Time Fee

Is your website optimized properly for Google’s search engine algorithm for your main keyword?

If you don’t know the answer to that question you really need to buy this tool now and run your site and keyword through it.

What this tool does is compare your site to the sites already ranking on page one for your keyword. Then it pulls a comprehensive report showing you the onpage optimization differences between your site and the ranking sites.

You might be surprised at how over-optimized your site is for your keywords.

Which is silly to keep it that way given how easy of a problem it is to correct once you know where you’re out of whack.

Tool #17: Xenu’s Link Sleuth (TM)

Pricing: Free

This tool works great for finding all the broken links on a site. Run your site on it every month or so to keep Google’s bot happy with your site.

Tool #18: Siteliner

Pricing: Limited Free Version

Premium credits priced at $0.01 each

Duplicate content is a huge barrier to your site ranking well on the search engines. Use this tool to see if you are using the same content on more than one page on your site. Once you find duplicate content you will need to edit your pages to correct the issue. Either by deleting content or rewording your copy on each page.

Tool #19: Copyscape

Pricing: Limited Free Version

Premium searches priced at $0.05 each

This tool is one you are probably already aware of so I won’t go too much into it other than to say it checks to see if your content is listed on other sites than your own. If so you may have a problem on your hands. Google the issue and you’ll find a plethora of fixes.

Tool #20: DomCop

Pricing: 7 Day Free Trial

Packages Available Starting At $19/mo

Though we do not use black hat strategies in our own SEO campaigns, we recognize many of our readers have no problem using them. So we’re including this tool on our list.

This tool finds expired domains that have a lot of link juice still attached to them. Some people use those domains to 301 redirect that link juice to their parent sites.

It’s black hat though and has an element of risk involved with it. But I’m told it works.

You just have to make sure the domains you register have the type of link juice that will be something like the site you want to rank.

If you want to add a safety valve to this tactic you can always install a URL shortener on a domain that you own that has private WHOIS. Then block all the backlink report sites bots from accessing your site through .htaccess.

What this will do is block your competitors from ever finding your redirect in your link profile.

That way they’ll be prevented from snitching on you to the Google police.

The cool thing about this tactic for the people who use it is that you can easily turn the redirect off any time their site rankings ever start to tank.

Tool #21: ScrapeBox

Pricing: $97 One Time Fee

This is another black hat tool and strategy we do not use ourselves. Nor do we recommend that you do so.

But if you are, this is how to stay safe about it.

Let’s say you’re a Chiropractor in Miami and you want to improve your site rankings.

One thing you could use this tool to do is to have it crawl all the major newspapers websites in your city and state to compile a list of every domain they link out to.

You then bulk import those domains into Godaddy t0 see which of them are available to register.

Then take those domains and bulk import them into Ahrefs to get link profile reports on them.

From there you can find the link profiles that best match your site and register those domains and then redirect them to your website.

That’s one way this tool can help you cheat your way to getting links from newspapers to your site.

Told you it was black hat!

Tool #22:

Pricing: Affordable Domains

Free Private WHOIS

This is where we register domains given they give Free Private WHOIS. This may or may not be something you care about. But they do have great sales they seem to be running all the time. So they are worth checking out for that reason alone.

Tool #23: Instant Sales Letters

Pricing: $97 One Time Fee

Writing sales copy that converts is tough.

So why not cheat and have Yanik Silver do the lion’s share of the work.

His templates convert!

Using to help you with your PPC business will help you find out what type of ads others are using to create revenue.

Tool #24:

Pricing: Limited Free Account Available

Packages Available Starting At $79/mo

So you want to get into PPC but you’re unsure of what to put in your ads?

Well then by golly do I have the tool for you.

That tool is Spyfu!

Just enter the keyword you want to bid on and Spyfu will show you who the biggest advertisers have been for that keyword on Google.

Once armed with that info you can to see which ones were actually running split tests over the last 12 months and who continue investing big money for that keyword month after month.

That way you can enjoy all their split testing. Just make sure it’s someone who has been investing for at least a year and running split tests the entire time.

The idea is to emulate what works. Not find it out all on your own.

Tool #25: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Pricing: 30 Day Free Trial

Packages Available Starting At $64.99/mo

Have you tried Sales Navigator yet? If not, I recommend you take them up on their free trial. It’s a robust tool worth playing with if you want to leverage LinkedIn into your marketing efforts.

Tool #26: LinkedIn Premium

Pricing: 30 Day Free Trial

Packages Available Starting At $64.99/mo

Same goes for this tool too. Sign up for the trial and check out the analytics features it gives you.

I love knowing what readers like my posts or visit my profile.


It gives me the opportunity to follow up with them by visiting their profile and sending them a connection request via Sales Navigator if I happen to think they’ll be a good fit for my network.

Tool #27: TeamColors

Pricing: Free

This is our secret weapon for coming up with color combinations for the sites we build and the infographics we create.

Professional sports teams put a lot of research money into what color combinations please their fans the most.

Why guess what colors will look the best together? Instead, tap into this tool and find the team colors you want to use and come out looking like a hero.

Your ads will look better, I promise.

And we have a bonus too

Tool #28: SEOlium
Pricing: Non expiring (credits based) free trial
Packages Available Starting At $60

Remember Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools? Well, SEOlium is like that, but on steroids. This is the most accurate professional Google rank tracker on the market.

Aside from your own search rankings you’ll be able to track all your competitors. There are no artificial limitations with them. They have a usage-based pricing scheme and all features are enabled to all users.

There You Have It

That’s it, folks.

If you try some out please let me know how these online marketing tools worked for you by posting below in the comment section.

Or if you have a tool of your own you like and use or sell let me know about it by posting it below.