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Agile Payments Blog


agile425Karol Zielinski puts it on the line and reminds business owners and managers
that it’s okay to hire someone smarter than yourself. I’m willing to bet
what he really means is that it’s important to hire capable people. You
have to give someone credit for having the smarts, drive or experience to
start a company. Having said that, smart people can help you solve business

The truth is some business owners can be intimidated if they think an
employer is smarter. It can be a challenge finding a hat rack for that urge
to be the outright boss or leader. When you hire smart people, other members
on your team can learn from them. There are other benefits to hiring smart
people too. They learn quickly and you won’t have to spend as much time
teaching them. This frees up managers and business owners to focus on
growing the business. The moment of realization to hire smart people usually
comes when managers realize they can’t do it all. The reality is that your
employees shouldn’t just be smarter than you. They should also be honest,
caring and committed to the company’s mission.

Show your own smartness by hiring smart people. Every employee will have
strengths or weaknesses. Help them identify what they’re good at and work
with those who need improvement. Create a workplace where people will be
motivated to come to work each day.