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Virtual Terminal from Agile Payments

A Virtual Terminal is a web-based hub that allows you to securely accept single and recurring payments via ACH[echeck] or credit card and debit card and provides decline handling . The Agile Payments VT offers the following benefits:

  • Intuitive interface that make payment processing and reporting simple
  • Secure payment processing: Level1 PCI compliant with credit card tokenization to ensure data integrity.
  • Payment scheduling: Accept a one-time payment for the present or any future date. Set up recurring payments with multiple scheduling options
  • Email receipts with customized messaging for your customers.
  • Reporting that is comprehensive and useful. Ability to export reporting into multiple formats. Create templates for your specific needs.
  • Anti-fraud tools: Address verification, velocity controls, advanced checking account verification tools as well identity verification.
  • Recurring engine: set up recurring payments with ability to use backup payment method. Revenue reporting based on future recurring transactions. Credit card expiration reports.
  • Multiple users with individual access permissions
  • Website payment tools: quickly create a secure hosted payment page with custom fields and the ability to take one-time or recurring payments.
  • Hardware support: Plug in a credit card or check reader via USB and swipe cards for auto-import into the Virtual Terminal
  • Virtual Terminal Gateway : You can connect the Virtual Terminal to multiple back end credit card processors
  • Funding Object and Reporting. Read more about the Deposit and Funding reports that are available.

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You may also leverage Virtual Terminal Gateway Integration. This would allow for a hybrid solution of using the Virtual Terminal along with an integrated solution.

Your business can utilize the VT as a stand-alone tool for complete payment management. Along with our marketing plan to help ensure maximum customer participation in your Autopay program. Every customer you can get is worth an estimated $75 per year in operational savings to your business.

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