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Photo by Stephen Goldberg on Unsplash

Tips for Growing Your Notary Business

As of 2022, the United States has around 4.4 million notaries public. Texas has the most notaries at over 484,000, while Hawaii has the lowest at 5,300.

These numbers suggest that notary practitioners may find considerable success doing business in many states.

What makes a successful notary business? If you’re running a startup notary business, how should you grow your business?

This article shares some tips that can help expand your notary business. It also explores the characteristics that make a notary business successful.

Running a notary business can be an exciting but complex venture for many individuals, and expanding the operation can create even more challenges. If you’re among these enterprising notaries, learning the tips to grow the business can help make your expansion manageable.

Successful notary entrepreneurs understand that this line of business has various levels of work. Understanding these levels lets you create strategies to help increase your profitability. Also, investing in technological solutions like an enterprise systems manager can assist in making your operations secure.

Continue reading for more tips to help your notary business succeed and grow.

Top 3 Ways to Expand Your Notary Business

Whether you only recently started a notary business or are already in the industry for quite some time, expanding your operations may be part of your business plan.

Many people need notary services, especially for essential purposes like affidavits, real estate deeds, wills, and powers of attorney. This demand may give you the push to grow your business.

Moreover, beyond the legal realm, there are instances where a notary’s services are required for medical records purposes. Medical professionals often need to authenticate important documents like X-ray reports and CT scan results. By offering notary services for medical records, you can tap into another niche market, catering to the specific needs of healthcare providers and patients alike.

Expanding your notary business to encompass medical record authentication allows you to diversify your clientele and establish yourself as a reliable and versatile notary public. This additional service can further enhance the growth and success of your business, as the demand for notarized medical records continues to rise.

However, before you expand, you must perform some strategic planning to determine your business goals. Planning helps set the direction you want your business to take.

After determining your organization’s direction and deciding that growing your notary business can be a good strategy, consider the following activities to help you accomplish this goal:

Utilize Technology to Exceed Your Customer’s Expectations 

Customers’ expectations are usually high. Consider providing them with a seamless service once they choose to work with you. 

Data and technology can help your notary business create a personalized and relevant customer experience for existing and potential clients.

For example, having a customer relationship management (CRM) system for managing client records or a website utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) to increase online visibility may help you stay connected with your customers.

Implementing these technologies may also help draw more new customers to your business or retain existing clients, potentially leading to higher income.

Offer Your Services Through Multiple Channels 

Mail, telephone, and email correspondence are no longer the only means to interact with your clients. With today’s technology, you have more channels to engage your customers.

For example, you have social media, paid search ads, and chatbots to help you engage online users. These online tools give you multiple channels to reach people and offer your services.

Still, some clients may prefer an email or phone call for a more personal human connection. So consider all channels when reaching your target clients.

Consider Expanding Your Services to Different Fields 

Suppose you’ve been serving clients in a specific industry and enjoying some success. You can consider offering your services to other industries.

You can also start providing new services once you acquire new proficiencies or train staff to handle such services.

Opening up to new markets or offering more services may mean facing new challenges. However, doing so can make your business more marketable to a broader audience in the long term.

Possible industries you can consider offering your services to include:

  • Background verification companies
  • Banks and credit unions
  • City administration
  • Human resources or workforce agencies
  • Hospices (healthcare institutions for terminally ill patients)
  • Legal services
  • Lending institutions

What Makes a Notary Business Successful?

In addition to having the skills as a notary public, you must also have the right business skills. 

Keep on learning. Taking business classes or attending workshops can help you gain the skills to run your business successfully.

For example, as an entrepreneur, you must understand proper tax reporting, billing practices, marketing, and dealing with clients effectively. Acquiring or improving these skills can help your notary business thrive.

Another way to help you become successful in the notary industry is to know your target market and where you do your business.

If you have a physical office, determine the people in your local area likely to need notary services. If you’re running an online marketing campaign, ensure that your target market comprises customers requiring your services.

Having strong working relationships with other notaries public also helps you attract more clients. Having this kind of network can benefit your business. 

For example, some fellow notaries can’t be available to some clients, but you can provide the service needed.

If you’re ready to grow your notary business, consult a financial advisor, business consultant, or digital marketing agent to help you plan your strategy for success.


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