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Marketing for any business can be a challenge and marketing for something that has no physical presence can be extremely difficult. The same goes for marketing anything that constantly changes for marketing anything that deals with B2B. Finding the right SaaS marketing tools goes a long way towards making sure you succeed.

saas marketing tools Marketing for any business can be a challenge and marketing for something that has no physical presence can be extremely difficult.

Finally, it’s difficult to market anything that doesn’t make sense to the average person. SaaS social media marketing, especially, isn’t for the faint of heart. It happens to be critically different from every other type of marketing.

The market is extremely diverse and vast. Any SaaS business owner or marketing expert looks at what will offer something unique and different from other competing tools.

You hear the term “social media” a lot, so it’s best to reexamine what the term really means. Social media is any form of web-based communications tools that enables users to share and consume information. That being said, there are a lot of social media marketing tools where SaaS companies can benefit.

Today’s startups have a huge advantage over those that started just five to ten years ago. There’s an entire economy of tools and services to access that are essential for any business today. If your company can take advantage of these tools, you can expect operations to go smoother.

In fact, there’s a social media/marketing tool for every facet of your business. And more are always on the drawing table. 

Here’s a list of nine SaaS marketing tools that can take your SaaS enterprise to the next level.

Google Analytics

One of the most detailed and cost-effective tools for measuring traffic metrics on a website.  Gain insights and measure ROI, collect data, access the Help Center when needed, and receive training and support.

You can also familiarize yourself with Google Analytics for Mobile Apps. It provides business benefits that helps a business owner make business decisions based on empirical data. Marketers can study customer behavior, conversions, and discover key insights about their audience.

It’s great for optimizing marketing campaigns, improving website visibility and use, and allocating budgets.



Access it in business, team, professional, or enterprise mode. There’s no reason why your company can’t take advantage of the 2.3 billion or more active users who call Hootsuite home. If your social media strategy is lacking, this is one of the premier tools that can help place your company on the right track.

This is the venue where you can schedule posts and communicate on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and even Instagram. Also, schedule communications ahead of time, or engage your audiences right from your SaaS itself. You can track all mentions and comments. This is one-stop-shopping at its best.



If your company isn’t closing sales, all your marketing efforts are going to waste, and that’s not why you’re in business. You can bet on the fact that the most profitable SaaS companies equip their sales teams with the best tools imaginable.

Salesforce happens to be the innovative company that boasts the world’s #1 CRM platform. Its employees have access anywhere in the world. Your employees can log in and get to work on their projects.

Forget about buying infrastructure, managing, or setting up operations. This is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to put your customers at the center of everything that you do. The software has all the apps your company needs to hit a home run.

Collect leads, track insights, improve sales rep productivity, create email campaigns and engage directly with customers. Also, collaborate with everyone on your team in real time.



If you’ve ever wondered what a video marketing platform for business should look like, this is it. This is the perfect tool to discover insights about the people tuning into your videos. If you’re paying attention, it allows you to brainstorm ideas that will help create a better user experience. 

Engage customers with a customizable high-resolution video player, create effective calls to action and email opt-ins. You can collaborate with teams, create video SEO, and use amazing drag and drop organization. Here, you have the ability to create a seamless collaboration between your marketing and sales department.



Here’s an A/B testing tool that gives marketers the edge when attempting to create conversions on various web pages throughout the entire website. You can analyze everything from button call, to copy, and much more. 

Deliver targeted content in real time. Perform multi-page testing along with multivariate A/B testing. Access built-in analytics that allows for better decision making. Make changes that will boost website conversion rates.



Video conferencing has the capability to get things done. It’s a special tool if you video conference with clients on a regular basis. Its capabilities allow up to 100 people to attend your video conference. Computer applications from your computer can be shared right from your desk. In SaaS, there’s a lot of video sharing.



Activity is always fluctuating in social media. The only way to get a birds-eye-view of the landscape today is to see how content is performing across all social media avenues on the web. BuzzSumo is the tool that allows you to do this. Analyze content by topic or domain.

See out what posts are shared the most and you’ll gain a better understanding of what people are interested in with your software or service. This allows you to stay on top of your content marketing. Also, it helps your efforts if you’re pushing toward being a top influencer in your field and allows you to find and search the impact that other influencers are having on the world. There’s not a better social media tool that tracks content as it’s happening.



Since customer feedback can help improve a product or service, customer surveys can be a critical element in finding out what customers think about a promotion or product. Feedback helps marketers measure customer satisfaction. It also provides insights to help improve the customer experiences, enhance customer retention, and identify those customer advocates who can help promote your business. 

With Qualaroo, marketers also have access to a feature called “Skip Logic” where follow-up questions can be asked based on previous answers. It helps to keep the conversation going.



HubSpot may just be the one SaaS tool that, virtually, does it all for marketers. HubSpot allows you to blog, perform SEO, engage analytics, test landing pages, perform A/B testing. It even provides email marketing and happens to be a great CRM in its own right.  It’s, therefore, considered to be an all-in-one marketing automation software. 


Additional SaaS Marketing Insights

Your competitors can be the first place you begin when analyzing your own software offerings. SaaS customers are known to comparison shop before committing to any one company. Consequently, your job is to make sure that they have all the information they need when visiting your website.

Their websites can be a good indicator of what’s important to include, or improve upon, on your own website. If you’re confident about your website and what you can offer clients, you may want to consider doing an actual side-by-side comparison. Just keep in mind that when your competitors find out, they may decide to do the same.

Wherever a person lands on your website, there should be effective content and features to convert them. Therefore, you should include a strong converting homepage, header, pricing, sign up, and a free trial if an offer is in the works. Include relevant information in your footer as well, and a navigation bar and links to any relevant social profiles.

Also, include a blog that allows you to become an authority in your field. Include links within relative content as well. And, by all means, make sure your content is directed toward customers. Make sure you have a means of capturing names for your mailing list too.

People visiting your site for the first, or second, or third time may not be ready to convert. Email marketing can provide an alternative conversion option.

In conclusion, there will be a customers who are always on the edge of buying. These are people whose interest can peak if they’re offered something they want. These people sitting on the edge are just as important as your loyal customers. It’s all about staying on top of your game.