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LinkedIn Marketing Tips for SaaS Startups in 2023

Learn to promote your startup marketing by reaching your customers and SaaS executives through lead gen forms, creating effective landing page funnels and useful content 

The vital issue for any startup, especially a “Software as a Service” company, is good marketing. These are the steps you want to take to fully utilize this process:

  1. Introduce your product to the right audience,
  2. Position this product by lead generation,
  3. Build awareness of your product by creating useful content,
  4. Connect to valuable businesses and their executives.

Owning a SaaS startup means that you need to attract new customers as fast as possible, and LinkedIn is probably the best place to achieve this. 

LinkedIn Ads’ power in lifting businesses off the ground is proven. Using them can be extremely efficient and cost-friendly. 

To grow involvement and interest in your SaaS company you need a well-designed LinkedIn marketing strategy. And the first step in achieving this is finding the right audience.

Find the right audience

A good marketing strategy means extending to those unaware of your business. This means producing content to reach a relevant audience, by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Define your target audience by using a checklist of questions about your buyer’s persona,
  • Communicate to professionals who will use your product,
  • Use jargon they will understand,
  • Focus on the pain points your SaaS product will fix.

Here are some tips to improve targeting and increase the conversion rate of your LinkedIn Ads:

  • Use videos – this lowers the ad costs,
  • Don’t block out specific industries – maximize the ad reach,
  • Don’t use the first ad edit – test different versions to see what works best,
  • Keep ads engaging – try to include any form of lead generation.

Using Lead generation forms 

A lead generation form is a web form for acquiring emails and other professional information about potential customers.

LinkedIn supports an array of lead gen forms. This way you can easily reach potential customers, capture leads, and turn them into actual clients.

Here are some tips for useful gen forms:

  • Give your gen form a snappy name or headline, 
  • Describe benefits for the customer, 
  • Add a privacy policy link,
  • Identify the data you want to collect from your leads,
  • Add a thank you page.

Once you’ve reached a potential customer, you need to contact them as soon as possible, and to achieve that – a good landing page is of great assistance.

Create a landing page funnel 

When you click on a LinkedIn ad, what you get is called a LinkedIn Ad landing page. It’s a webpage set up to encourage LinkedIn connections to take action. These pages need to provide customers with clear and compelling data and encourage them to take action.

Landing pages can be:

  1. LinkedIn generated: cheaper, easier to create, automatically populated with a low effort from customers,
  2. Hosted by yourself: more expensive, more complex, and harder to fill out, but with better prospects of customer engagement.

The landing page should always end with a thank you note. Also, a good practice example is to offer some kind of trial or schedule a short demo within your thank you page.

Create useful content

People are usually annoyed by ads. There is a way to address this: create compelling marketing content that reaches your customers’ pain points, interests, needs, and concerns. Here are some examples:

  • Fresh news stories relevant to your SaaS products,
  • How-to guides,
  • Blog posts,
  • Hot takes,
  • Infographics,
  • Some relevant educational content.

Everything needs to be concise, unique, relatable, and shareable. Titles should be interesting and relevant, using keywords associated with your SaaS product. Content needs to be engaging, fresh, and weekly. Some flashy, rich media ad formats can always improve customer engagement.

An important feat of useful ad content is its visibility to the right people, ie. other SaaS executives.

Connect with other Saas companies executives

To manage LinkedIn connections well means to fully appreciate the possibilities LinkedIn offers, especially when we talk about connecting to other SaaS executives. The following three basic targeting approaches can be used effectively in achieving this:

  1. Warm traffic targeting
  2. Cold traffic targeting
  3. Account-based targeting

Warm targeting means contacting LinkedIn connections who are not yet our customers, but with whom we already have some contact. Cold targeting is connecting with audiences unaware of your SaaS products yet. Account-based marketing refers to linking to certain executives that you think would be interested in your SaaS.  


Given the current standards, 2023 will see an even more competitive SaaS market. 

To fully grow your business you need to master as many good marketing strategies as possible. And LinkedIn as a top business platform is probably the most important asset to obtain. 

There are ways to manage your LinkedIn connections so to improve your SaaS market share. 

This can be best achieved by applying the aforementioned good standards of creating solid lead gen forms, creating effective landing page funnels, and valuable content.