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How to Start Your Career as a Software Engineer in a SAAS Company

Software-as-a-Service is a new industry that has gained popularity over the last few years due to the development of cloud computing technology. Companies used to develop software and sell them and that was considered a finished job. This is no longer the case.

With SaaS models, SaaS companies have to develop products and continuously maintain service. For this reason, this business model is preferred by enterprises. They pay a SaaS company a fee to not worry about maintenance or initial hardware infrastructure costs.

Software engineers have a crucial role in SaaS companies. They are the ones to develop and maintain a software a company is trying to sell. However, launching a product requires more than software engineers. Companies enlist experts in sales, marketing, investing, managing and product engineering.

So, knowing how to code is not the only skill to have to be a successful software engineer in a SaaS company. Here are a couple of must-haves and advice to follow to be a prime candidate for a SaaS company.

Skill Sets

As mentioned before, knowing how to code is not the only skill you have to have as a software engineer. Most companies in the tech industry look for a professional with a complete skill set that better adapt to the changing world of technology development. These are some of the most sought after skills. You can learn most of these skills at some of the best coding bootcamps that best fit your purpose.

Teamwork: this skill is important for any kind of job, but more so for software engineering. When developing a product, working in teams is a necessity. Software development is a big project that requires input from many minds. Because of this, knowing how to work with team members is a must.

Programming languages: although coding is not the only skill to have, you do have to know how to code. Many companies prefer a software engineer who knows several programming languages. Some of the programming languages SaaS companies look for in a resume are JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, Ruby, and HTML/CSS.

Problem-solving: developing software is a process that presents many challenges over time. Not only at the beginning, but the maintaining and updating processes can also have its own problems. This skill is one that any engineer should have, it is part of the core function of the job. For this reason, a software engineer has to be an excellent problem solver.

Adapting to constant change: technology exponentially grows over time in line with industry changes. The SaaS industry is still in its early stages and will develop quickly in the years to come. The ability to quickly adapt to changes is something SaaS companies look for in their employees, especially their software engineers.

Learning fast: this skill goes in hand with adaptability. As mentioned before, this industry changes so rapidly that being able to learn new features in short periods is a key skill to have. A way to demonstrate this skill is to highlight self-taught knowledge in your resume. This will show a passion for learning and curiosity.

Portfolio and Resume

A software developer’s resume should reflect their personality because SaaS companies like to get to know a candidate. Telling a story is important and so is showing how he or she became a software developer. Although telling a story and showing your background is hard to do in a one or two-page document, show as much as you can.

A portfolio is as important as a resume. If you are looking to work for a SaaS company, showing previous related projects and the inclusion of SaaS models is important. If you do not have any direct SaaS experience, show off some projects that allowed you to develop important skills mentioned above.

Highlighting challenges and how you face them is important. SaaS companies love to know how mistakes are made and how you manage them. This shows problem-solving and adaptability skills.

Know the Company

And last but certainly not least, research everything you can about the company you want to work for as if your life depends on it. You have to know the whys, hows, and whats of the company and be prepared to answer questions when interviewed.

If it is possible, research the company’s SaaS product and try it. A great way to impress interviewers is to give pointers and advice on how the company can improve its product. Doing so shows that you are eager to work for them and that you love challenges and have enough curiosity to be inventive and creative.