...And the winner is

Toby Burch of North Central Texas College

The winner of the Scholarship contest is Toby Burch of North Central Texas College.

AgilePayments.com Scholarship supports students in their pursuit of a degree.
The Agile Payments Scholarship  will award the winning student $1,000 to be used toward his or her degree.
Featured essays may be published in part or in entirety on the AgilePayments blog with attribution to the author.
The following table includes links to various topics commonly used by applications that have a payments component:


Learning ACH (eCheck) transactions and integration Understanding Payment Gateways and Integration ACH Aggregation - what you need to know
Payment Aggregation (PayFac) 201 - what you need to know Credit Cards merchant account Integrations - learn more Payment Processing Partnerships. Why, who and how.
Understanding Marketplace Payment Processing Solutions The importance of credit card declines and management thereof in recurring payments Understanding Hybrid Payment Aggregation (Hybrid PayFac)
What is Canadian EFT...  

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