Looking To Reduce Payments Fraud?

A 2023 guide.

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Agile Payments Fraud Reduction

A complete suite of anti-fraud payment tools are waiting at your fingertips and available via our payment gateway API’s for application integrations.


Many organizations have requirements to reduce rick burdens associated with their types of payment transactions. There are two types of anti-fraud tools that our payment gateway communicates to, and differing levels of service that taylor the solution to the needs of the client organization.


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Identity Verification

A consumer’s identity can be verified within seconds. If your organization has customers who are not known to you, our identity verification service can mitigate your risks by calling public record databases to match consumer input data for correct match verification. The match type can be as simple as last four digits of a social security number to out of wallet questions being asked like which of these companies correlates to a mortgage you have. If you have a need to prevent fraud the results in a loss of revenue and avoid risky customers, our antifraud tool is waiting to assist.


Bank Account Verification

Some organizations may benefit by ascertaining information relating to a checking or savings bank account in order to mitigate transactional risks and/or to reduce the risk of returned items. Our bank account verification calls live and batch negative databases for this information. Live calls can include funds availability, stop payments and even name match to account. The solution is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client organization. Bank account verification can:

  • Reduce returned items
  • Reduce processing costs
  • Reduce fraudulent bank transactions
  • Reduce bank fees

Contact us and provide us your organization’s use case and will provide you with some best practice considerations.